About Us

“Education is a lamp that can brighten a child’s life. Their Education can, in turn, brighten the society and bring progress.”
– Bhajnu

About the organization

Brighten a child’s life is a non profit organization

Within these walls, hope takes flight.

In this haven of warmth and care, where love and laughter fill the air, we nurture dreams, ignite their spark, and brighten paths that lie in the dark.

With open hearts and gentle hands, we guide them through life’s shifting sands, inspiring smiles, dispelling fears. Transforming tears to joyful cheers

Our Mission

Our mission is to light the “light of education” in each child and parent of our communities. Our mission “to light up the community” starts by helping children to learn to read and write and by providing many of them with a home and a solid, practical education, so that they can support themselves and their families in the future, thus breaking the chain of poverty. 

So, to sum it all up, by fostering permanent, positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities, we are able to Brighten a Child’s Life.


In 1993, a compassionate couple was inspired to make a difference in children’s and young people’s lives. They established a small elementary school for orphans, allowing them to learn and grow. As the years passed and the need for their services expanded, the elementary school evolved into a boarding school with a high school. They embarked on a remarkable expansion journey, establishing a medical outreach center to equip young individuals with the expertise to promote healthy living and self-sufficiency in their communities. Their dedication to positively impacting lives extended further as they introduced a midwifery training program, ensuring the safe arrival of new life. More than three decades later, this exceptional couple remains steadfast in their pursuit and invites you to join them in their endeavor to brighten the lives of children and young people.

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