Orphanage & School

Tina's Story
After her father was killed in a moped accident, little Tina came to live with us. She had nowhere else to go. She is a happy little girl who always has a smile. She loves to sing and play the recorder. She studies hard so that someday she can help children like she has been helped.
Tommy's Story
Burdened by the need to work long hours as a servant, Tommy’s mother could not provide a proper home for her young son. Left alone in a locked room all day, Tommy’s childhood was marked by isolation and loneliness. However, his circumstances turned positive when he was welcomed into an orphanage, where he found the love, support, and opportunities he longed for. Now, Tommy relishes the freedom to run and play with other children, and he eagerly participates in school activities. His days are filled with laughter, learning, and the warmth of companionship, transforming his life from one of confinement and despair to one of joy and growth.

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